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Generator Repair Services in the Baltimore Metro Area

With so much of our lives revolving around electricity, preparing for a power outage is essential. The generator in your home can help you charge your mobile phone, keep refrigerated food cold, and power essential medical devices if your home finds itself without power. By investing in a generator installation for your home, you are well-prepared in case your home loses power for a few hours. But if your backup generator is broken, you will need a reliable generator repair service.

To help give you peace of mind, the experts at Pohlman Plumbing offer generator repair services in Baltimore and the surrounding metropolitan area. You can rest assured that you will never be without power again.

Call Pohlman Plumbing at 443-961-2886 or contact us online for fast generator repair in Baltimore, Anne Arundel, and the surrounding counties.

Signs Your Generator is Broken

Don’t be left in the dark! When your home’s generator shows sign of breakage or wear, you want it fixed quickly and efficiently to keep you and your family safe in the event of a power outage. Pohlman Plumbing has been offering generator repair services throughout Baltimore County and the surrounding area since 2008.

If your generator is experiencing any of these problems, you may need to give us a call:

  • Will not start. Sitting for long periods without use can be tough on your generator. If it’s not turning on at all, you likely need to schedule a repair.
  • Uses too much fuel. As they get older, generators lose efficiency, causing them to use more fuel. This means you’re consuming more fuel and spending more money than necessary.
  • Has a delayed start. When there’s a sudden power outage, you expect your home’s backup generator to kick in right away. If it takes a few minutes or longer to turn on, there may be an issue with the generator’s automatic transfer switch, which will need professional repair.
  • Shuts off by itself. You depend on your generator to work when the rest of your home’s electricity isn’t. When your generator isn’t working reliably, a professional can help assess where the problem area is and make needed repairs.
  • Has wiring issues. Electricity is not something you want to take chances with. If your generator has loose or frayed wires, it poses a safety hazard for your home.
  • Leaks fuel. Whether your generator runs on diesel fuel, oil, natural gas, coolant, or a combination, leaks can weaken the performance and shorten the life of your generator. Not to mention, the liquid puddles pose a safety hazard. If you spot a leak around your generator, call a repair technician immediately.

Contact Pohlman Plumbing for generator repair today! 

How to Take Care of Your Baltimore Generator

Just like your car can’t run forever without gas and maintenance, your generator needs regular care to ensure it’s ready to keep your home running through a lifetime of power outages. After one or two days of constant use, you should get your generator serviced by a professional.

If there is a winter storm or fallen tree in your area that requires extended use of your home’s generator, call your local generator repair company to change the oil and the filter. This will keep your generator in good shape through any power outage situation you may face.

Backup Generator Repair in Maryland

Here in Maryland, unpredictable weather can cause power outages semi-frequently. Without a working generator, the situation can become dangerous. If you are detecting problems with your home’s generator, or use it often, Pohlman Plumbing is the generator repair company you can trust.

As a family-owned local business, our licensed technicians receive training to offer generator repair services when you need it most. Whether it’s in your home, RV, mobile home, or another location, we will provide all services with the Pohlman Promise in mind: fast service, at a fair price, and done right the first time.

Contact Pohlman Plumbing for the highest quality generator repair service in Baltimore, Anne Arundel, and the surrounding areas!

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