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What’s the difference between tank-style and tankless water heaters?
Tank-style water heaters preheat and store 30 to 50 gallons of water in a tank. The preheated water is used for things like doing the laundry, washing dishes, or taking a shower. The tank then refills, and the water must again be preheated. Tankless water heaters use gas or electricity as a heat source to warm up cool water on demand. You get instant hot water wherever and whenever you want it, so there’s no need to store preheated water in a tank. Pohlman Plumbing provides installation, maintenance, and repair services for both tank and tankless water heaters.
My water heater is working fine, but why does the hot water smell funny?
It could be a problem with the water heater itself or your home’s water supply. Either way, the smell is usually caused by sulfate bacteria developing in the tank’s warm water. The problem also occurs in homes with well water that’s not treated with chlorine in the well. If the odor is present in cold, warm, and hot water, that’s a good sign it’s an issue with your water supply.
What are some signs my water heater is failing?
Water heater maintenance goes a long way in keeping your water heater running properly, but most units start to wear out by the time they’re eight to 12 years old. Signs to look for include a lack of hot water, rumbling or popping noises, cloudy water, a leaking or faulty pressure relief valve, and a leaking unit.
Can I install a new water heater myself?
Installing a new water heater is not your average DIY project. You need excellent plumbing, heating, electrical, ventilation, and sometimes carpentry skills to get the job done right. You also must know your local and state building codes and obtain a permit for the work. For safety and regulatory reasons, it’s best to work with a qualified plumber when installing a new heater.
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