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Heat Pump Maintenance in the Baltimore Area

You know heat pumps are a great choice of heating and cooling system to handle all of the seasons we experience here in Maryland. But in order to meet your family’s needs, your heat pump system needs to be properly taken care of! Nobody likes it when their heat suddenly won’t work in a snowstorm, or if the air conditioner stops blowing on the hottest day of the year. Instead of calling a professional when something goes wrong, scheduling maintenance means you can help prevent the need for repairs in the first place!

Looking for heat pump maintenance in Baltimore from technicians you can depend on? Call Pohlman Plumbing today to learn more about the benefits of maintenance or to schedule an appointment.

Why Is Heat Pump Maintenance Important?

Just like your car needs maintenance to keep it running smoothly, it’s important for your heat pump to have routine “checkups” to ensure that everything is working the way that it should. Because heat pumps are dual heating and cooling system, they’re working all year round through the crazy Maryland seasons to provide a comfortable and relaxing environment in your home. Although the dual-functionality of heat pumps makes them a popular and versatile option, it makes maintenance doubly important!

Over time, your heat pump’s parts can begin to wear, and dust and grime can build up. When this happens, the machine is running less efficiently and effectively, which means you’re paying more for less work! Professional heat pump maintenance services address the issue of wear and tear, and also provides a comprehensive check on all parts to prevent inconvenient breakdowns!

Benefits of Heat Pump Maintenance

At Pohlman Plumbing, we are proud to offer the Pohlman Promise—fast service, at a fair price, that’s done right the very first time. Along with the highest standards of service, scheduling heat pump maintenance with us means:

Improved energy-efficiency. When your heat pump is in tip-top shape, it will run better. Grime and dust can build up on a heat pump, which makes it have to work harder to heat and cool your home. A clean, well-maintained heat pump runs more efficiently, which means savings for you!

Less need for repair services. Waiting for a problem with your heat pump causes will lead to a great deal of stress. Taking advantage of maintenance services can help you avoid the risk of a breakdown and help preserve your investment!

Improved indoor air quality. Pollen and dust can accumulate on your home’s heat pump, and then blow the particulate matter around your home—yuck! Cleaning is included in our heat pump maintenance checklist, so you’ll be able to breathe easier in no time.

A longer-lasting heat pump. A normal lifespan for a heat pump is 10 years, but systems that are poorly cared for might not last that long. Regular maintenance helps protect and prolong your investment, avoiding an unexpected replacement.

Trust Pohlman Plumbing for Heat Pump Maintenance in the Baltimore Area

We’re a family-run business that believes in “fast service, at a fair price, and done right the first time.” That motto, known as the Pohlman Promise, is what we strive to achieve with every call we get. On top of that, our expert technicians understand the complex details of heat pump systems and will work with you to help answer any questions you may have about heat pump maintenance.

For expert, honest heat pump maintenance in Linthicum Heights and the surrounding Baltimore metro area, contact Pohlman Plumbing today!

We service the following cities: Baltimore, Linthicum Heights, Glen Burnie, Columbia, Laurel, Annapolis, Crofton, Ellicott City, Severna, Gambrills, Pasadena Towson, and the nearby areas.

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