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Furnace Repair in the Baltimore Metro Area

A working furnace isn’t just a luxury during a chilly Baltimore winter—it’s a necessity. Arriving home from work or waking up to a cold house is not only uncomfortable, but can also pose a serious risk to the health and safety of your home and family. Whether you’re experiencing intermittent or non-existent heating, or have other concerns as to the performance or integrity of your furnace, call Pohlman Plumbing for expert diagnosis and furnace repair.

For professional furnace repair in Baltimore County, call Pohlman Plumbing at 443-961-2886, or contact us online to schedule an appointment for heating service. 

Warning Signs You May Need Furnace Repair

While many homeowners may notice issues with their furnaces well ahead of a breakdown, the problems are not always obvious. The best way to prevent major repairs and disruptions in service is with annual routine maintenance, which helps detect potential concerns while in the early stages, and can help you to avoid costlier repairs. However, issues may still occur from time to time and knowing what signs to look for allows you to schedule an inspection or repair before you’re left out in the cold. Warning signs include:

  • Unusual or loud noises: No furnace is completely silent, but if you notice banging, clanging, squealing, rattling, grinding, or other new and unusual sounds coming from your furnace call for immediate repair
  • Decrease in comfort: A lack of warm air or inconsistencies between your thermostat setting and furnace performance can indicate that something is wrong with your furnace
  • Hot or cold spots: Are some rooms in your home warmer than others? Your furnace may be incorrectly sized or malfunctioning. You may also have leaky or disconnected ductwork. The expert technicians at Pohlman Plumbing will efficiently diagnose the issue and make any necessary repairs
  • Increased energy costs: If the cost of heating your home has been steadily increasing, you’re experiencing a decrease in efficiency and need to call for furnace repair
  • Unusual or unpleasant odors: Musty, acrid, or burning smells coming from supply vents warrant a prompt call for service. If you smell gas, evacuate your home and call your gas service immediately
  • Frequent on and off cycling: Short cycling can be caused by overheating, thermostat issues, or an improperly sized furnace, and can lead to damage, a shortened lifespan of your equipment, and/or increased energy costs
  • Decreased airflow: If you notice a lack of movement coming from supply registers you may have a clogged air filter, leaky ductwork, or be in need of furnace repair

Schedule Furnace Repair Services in Baltimore, MD

Since 2008, Pohlman Plumbing has worked hard to earn our solid reputation among homeowners throughout the Baltimore metro area. Our highly skilled, trained, and licensed technicians are experts in the field of furnace installation, repair and maintenance. All our work is backed by our Pohlman Promise: fast service at a fair price, done right the first time. Whether you are noticing any of the above warning signs or have experienced a loss of service, we can help, with around-the-clock 24/7 emergency service when you need us the most.

For furnace repair throughout Baltimore and the greater metro area, call Pohlman Plumbing at 443-961-2886 or contact us online to schedule an appointment!

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”Came home on a very cold Saturday night in January to find the main drain in my basement floor leaking. I called Pohlman and Josh sent a tech”

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