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Heating Services

Heating Services in Clarksville, MD

It’s the last thing you want or need: you enter your home, with the chill of the outdoors behind you, to find…the chill of the indoors all around you. This is no time to panic; this is the time to call Pohlman Plumbing.

The Pohlman team has made a name for itself in Clarksville by providing expert heating system repairs, maintenance and, when your system reaches the end of its life, installation. So, what you need to know is that no matter what heating issue you may be having, Pohlman’s 24/7 service is always at your disposal. We treat emergency calls with the urgency they deserve, and we do everything in our power to restore heating service as soon as possible, too. It’s the Pohlman way—fast service at fair price, done right the first time.

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Heating Installation

Chances are, you’re only going to purchase a new heating system once every 15 to 20 years. And considering how much you depend on it, you want to make sure it’s the right decision. So when your furnace or heat pump is nearing the end of its lifespan, know that you can depend on the team at Pohlman Plumbing to make a recommendation on a new heating system—one that fits your home as well as your budget. And our expert installation? You’ll find out why your Clarksville neighbors have put Pohlman Plumbing on their “A list.”

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Heating Repair in Clarksville

Today’s heating systems are durable, but it helps to remember they’re much like other electrical devices: they need the occasional repair to continue running smoothly. Unless your heating system is relatively new, you’re bound to experience a problem with it at some point. The system may not produce warm air. It might turn off and on at strange intervals. Or it might make unusual noises. Whatever type of repair your heating system may need, Pohlman Plumbing will perform it quickly and efficiently.

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Heating Maintenance

Once you get to know us at Pohlman Plumbing, you’ll know that we often remind our customers to check their filter once a month and replace it when they can no longer see through it. This monthly check is the most vital step you can take to maintain your furnace next to our yearly maintenance check. This tune-up will: ensure that your system runs smoothly and efficiently; protect you against unexpected breakdowns; keep your energy bills in balance; help bolster your home’s indoor air quality; and help your system match the lifespan projected by the manufacturer.

It’s fairly common for Pohlman Plumbing to discover a minor problem or glitch during this annual tune-up. We consider these happy discoveries because we’re able to quickly fix the problem well before it becomes a bigger, more complex, and costlier problem.

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At Pohlman Plumbing, we are dedicated to fast, effective, and professional service with every job we do. Our trained technicians are qualified to handle any heating emergency and will do whatever it takes to get your heating back up and running to restore your home’s comfort.

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