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Garbage Disposal Repair in Baltimore, MD 

A garbage disposal is a modern convenience that can significantly reduce the amount of waste your home produces, while eliminating the odor and mess associated with decomposing organic materials. Unfortunately all these conveniences can quickly turn to frustration when your appliance malfunctions—highlighting the need for reliable, efficient garbage disposal repair.

The experienced professionals at Pohlman Plumbing have been providing homeowners in and around the Baltimore area with superior garbage disposal services including installation and repair for over a decade. Since our family-run business began we have worked hard to establish and maintain our solid reputation for excellence, and all our work is backed by the Pohlman Promise: Fast service at a fair price, done right the first time.

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Meal preparation and clean up are simplified with the use of a garbage disposal, but frequent or incorrect use can render both the appliance and your sink unusable. Common issues that you may encounter include:


The most frequently diagnosed problem is a jam, where food or foreign materials may become lodged in the disposal, preventing the blades from turning. If you turn the unit on and it makes a humming noise without any movement, the jam will need to be cleared before operation can continue. Never place your hand down the disposal in an attempt to dislodge trapped materials as this can result in severe injury or dismemberment.

Lack of Power

If there is no power to the disposal the issue may be electrical or require replacement or repair. First check that the unit is plugged in and that the breaker is in the “ON” position. Next, look at the bottom of the disposal to see if the reset button has popped out and the unit needs resetting before calling for professional repair.


If you detect a leak beneath the sink discontinue use and call for immediate repair, to prevent further damage and mold growth. A leak that originates at the drain may simply require a new gasket, but if it is coming from the body of the disposal itself the disposal may need to be replaced.

Clogged Drain

A variety of materials can cause your garbage disposal to clog, resulting in standing water in the sink and drainage issues, including:

  • Grease
  • Potato peels
  • Banana peels
  • Eggshells
  • Coffee grounds
  • Large pieces of food
  • Rice
  • Pasta

Strange Noises 

A garbage disposal is noisy by nature, but if you notice any new, unusual, or exceptionally loud sounds coming from your machine you may need to call for repair. Sounds to listen out for include:

  • Metallic rattling
  • Whirring
  • Squealing

Discontinue use of the disposal until the problem has been diagnosed and addressed to avoid further damage to the unit.


Most issues can be avoided with proper installation, usage, and maintenance, but if you should encounter a problem you can trust the experts at Pohlman Plumbing for quick, reliable garbage disposal repair.

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