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What to Do When the Heat Goes Out?

Posted on: February 22, 2019

Suddenly losing access to your home heating for any reason can be tremendously stressful. And with winters like the ones we experience here in the Baltimore area, the situation can be extremely uncomfortable, too! Here are some easy, straightforward tips for what to do when your heat goes out.

Follow These Steps If Your Heating System Goes Down:

  1. Contact a heating contractor for service. The moment that you have determined that your furnace or heat pump has gone down and is staying down, call a heating contractor for emergency heating repair. The faster you can get service, the faster things can go back to comfortable normalcy, so you want a professional headed your way ASAP.
  2. Close off your home. Close doors, shut pantry and cabinet doors, and close off vents temporarily. This is to keep heat where it is so that it isn’t dispersing too quickly and leaving you chillier than you need to be.
  3. Layer up. Within a matter of an hour or so your home is going to be noticeably cooler, so you want to ensure your body is well insulated in order to stay comfortable. Layers jackets are all recommended—you wouldn’t go wrong with a hat, either.

Can I Use a Space Heater to Stay Warm?

As long as it is safe to do so, absolutely. We would not recommend using a propane space heater or gas space heater in closed quarters, as these can expose you to unhealthy and potentially dangerous fumes. However, if you have access to electricity and you have space heaters on hand, by all means—this is honestly the best use for space heaters.

Keep in mind, though, that space heaters are exceptionally energy-inefficient. They’ll gobble up power considerably, so you want to keep your use of them to a minimum. If possible, choose a comfortable, reasonably sized room to hang out in and keep the doors closed to hold in the heat that your space heater offers.

How to Prepare for Power Loss

If you don’t have access to your furnace or heat pump because the power is down, the steps you should take are quite similar. Instead of calling a local HVAC company, connect with your power company to report the loss of power in your area. Most utility companies prioritize according to a number of calls, so get the neighborhood to call along with you!

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