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Top Plumbing Tools to Keep in Your Toolbox

Posted on: November 26, 2017

Home maintenance is an ongoing concern, as there is always something in or around the house to clean, repair, or replace. While many minor repairs may be completed by the homeowner, others require a call to a professional—particularly if there is a risk of injury or further damage. For those who consider themselves handy, it’s a great idea to keep an assortment of tools on hand, but for more specialized repairs such as plumbing, there are a number of tools that aren’t typically found in an ordinary toolbox.

Essential Plumbing Tools for Your Toolbox

Depending on how long you own your home, you’re likely to encounter plumbing issues at some point in time. While more complex repairs require the services of a professional plumber, others may be simple enough for an avid DIY’er to handle, providing you have these essential plumbing tools on hand:

Tongue and Groove Pliers

These are similar to other types of adjustable pliers, with a few exceptions:

  • Angled jaws
  • Longer handles
  • Extended adjustment sections

Versatile and strong, these pliers can be used to hold, grab, pull, twist, tighten, loosen, or squeeze everything from heavy steel to plastic nuts.

Toilet Plungers

  • Cup plunger – This simple, non-invasive tool is best for treating clogs in sinks, tubs, or floor drains.
  • Flange plunger – Best for toilet clogs, this type of plunger has an extended rubber flap below the plunger head that creates a tighter seal better suited to the shape of a toilet bowl.


  • Basin wrench –  Ideal for tight spaces.
  • Pipe wrench – Buy two: you’ll need one to grip threaded fittings, pipes, or nuts, while the other one turns.
  • Adjustable pipe wrench – Grip and turn round objects securely with enhanced leverage.

Sink Auger

For use on stubborn sink clogs, this auger uses a hand crank to unravel a long, flexible steel cable to clear obstructions from drain lines.

Caulk and Caulk Gun

Use these materials to seal areas requiring a water tight seal, such as around a sink installation or at the base of a tub surround.

Common Plumbing Issues

Running Toilet – The inner workings of your toilet tank are fairly straightforward, and you may be able to replace the flapper, float apparatus, and/or fill tube on your own with the right tools.

Slow or Clogged Drains – If several rounds of plunging don’t dislodge the clog, call for professional assistance.

Leaky Pipes – This type of repair can be messy, and for the inexperienced homeowner, may lead to further damage or flooding. If you have a leaky pipe, clean up any standing water and call Pohlman Plumbing for professional repair.

Dripping Faucets – Washers can become dislodged or disintegrate over time. Although you can likely replace the washer yourself, the repair may require more specialized tools if the valve seat has become corroded or worn.

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