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Spring Cleaning Tips for Your Plumbing

Posted on: February 19, 2020

While we’re still wading our way through the latter weeks of the winter season, some warmer days and clearer skies are starting to find their way into Baltimore. In other words, it’s almost time to begin that annual spring cleaning frenzy! But before you start shaking out rugs and working to clean up your HVAC system, take a moment to think about your home’s plumbing systems.

Why Perform Plumbing Maintenance?

For many homeowners plumbing systems stay very firmly out of sight and out of mind. However, the fact of the matter is that plumbing problems are frustrating and very expensive. And more importantly, they are extremely preventable in most cases. All it takes to avoid a costly toilet repair or drain line replacement is some simple routine maintenance. And much of it you can do all on your own, while the stuff that does require the aid of a professional is low-cost and convenient.

Easy Plumbing Maintenance Tasks

  • Visual inspections of all exposed pipes – Look for any signs of corrosion, discoloration, leaking water, mold growth, and if your home uses PVC or PEX piping, pipe swelling or distension.
  • Use an enzymatic drain cleaner – We do not support the use of chemical drain cleaners, but enzymatic (bacterial) drain cleaners tend to be fairly safe and can clean drains fairly well between professional visits.
  • Run water through any infrequently used drain lines – Running a gallon of water through underused pipes prevents pest nesting and helps to ensure the drain pipe stays clear.
  • Clean faucet heads and fixtures – Remove any limescale or hard mineral deposits from sink faucets, showerheads, and other fixtures to avoid any damage that can be caused by blocked water flow.
  • Purchase and use drain protectors – Even inexpensive mesh strainers can help to catch hair and larger debris that can get wound up in drain lines. This goes a long way in preventing sewer clogs.
  • Check caulking around plumbing fixtures – Secure caulking and sealants help to avoid minor water leaks, preventing water damage to areas of the home near plumbing equipment.

Professional Plumbing Maintenance

It’s also important to enlist professional plumbers for a few of your plumbing maintenance routine tasks. This is both due to safety, and because professionals have the tools and training necessary to perform these jobs swiftly and accurately. Call on your plumber this spring for:

  • Drain line cleaning – Routine drain line cleaning like snaking and hydro-jetting have been shown to prevent a huge range of plumbing problems including clogs, pipe leaks, and drain line repair.
  • Installing backflow prevention – If you don’t have a backflow prevention system, these are critical for keeping your plumbing lines isolated and safe by separating wastewater and clean water lines.
  • Leak detection – If you suspect a leak or notice increased water bills, leak detection can quickly locate any leaks so that they can be repaired easily.

Plumbing Maintenance and Repair in Baltimore, MD

Ready to enjoy clear pipe lines and plumbing this year? Call on Baltimore’s leading plumbing company: Pohlman Plumbing! Whether you need routine maintenance, plumbing repair, or a complete list of other plumbing services, we’re the dedicated and experienced professionals you can always trust for precision service and cost-effective solutions.

Call (410) 764-5626 or contact us online to schedule plumbing maintenance for your spring cleaning this year!

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