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Can a Running Toilet Cause Damage?

Posted on: August 30, 2019

Nearly any plumbing issue is going to be stressful, annoying, and potentially expensive if not handled quickly enough. But perhaps no issue covers all of these bases better than a leaking toilet. Whether the toilet is steadily losing water or water is coming from the toilet rapidly, this can be a very costly problem.

Want to know if your leaking Baltimore toilet is going to cause even more damage? Follow along to find out more from the certified plumbers at Pohlman Plumbing.

Do Running Toilets Cause Damage?

To the toilet itself, not really so much. A running or leaky toilet can contribute to wear, but this is negligible compared to the other forms of damage that a running toilet can cause. Namely, structural water damage, and damage to your wastewater drain system.

When excessive amounts of water steadily trickle into your drain system, it will contribute to the buildup of hard mineral deposits in your pipes. Over time these can create a massive obstruction that will lead to extensive clogging and likely costly drain line repair. Should the issue persist for too long, or if your pipes are already in poor condition, this may lead to pipe corrosion, which will cause the pipes to crack and begin leaking into your home. This can cause thousands of dollars in home water damage.

To avoid these huge costs and complications, you should be aware of any signs that your toilet might be leaking. If you catch any of the following issues, call for toilet repair as soon as possible:

  • Periodic noises when toilet is not in use. Also referred to as phantom flushing, this is the most common symptom of a toilet leak. The issue typically lies with a worn-out flapper or kinked chain in the toilet’s tank.
  • Discoloration or staining around the base of the toilet. Staining, dampness, standing water—these are all indications that your toilet is not only leaking, but that it is leaking outside of the pipe network. This can mean that structural water damage is imminent.
  • Unusual mold growth near the toilet. Mold thrives in areas of high humidity and moisture. If you notice mold growing behind or around the base of the toilet, you likely have a leak.

Other Large Problems With a Running or Leaking Toilet

Assuming you call for plumbing repair in a timely manner and do not choose to ignore your leaking toilet, many of the above issues are not likely to become too much of a threat. However, there is a more immediate problem that necessitates timely toilet repair.

Perhaps the single largest problem with a leaking or running toilet is that it wastes water. It wastes tons of water—substantially more than a leaking faucet or shower by orders of magnitude. This means that if your toilet is phantom flushing, leaking, or otherwise bleeding water, you could be spiking your water bill by as much as $30-100. In extreme cases, even more.

Leaking Toilet Repair and Emergency Plumbing Service in Baltimore, MD

If you suspect a leaking toilet in your home, call on the plumbing experts at Pohlman! Our local plumbing company is focused on providing precise, prompt, and cost-effective plumbing repair to all of our clients.

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